Oxford Reference Online (dictionaries) : new design


Oxford University Press announces that Oxford Reference Online and the Oxford Digital Reference Shelf have now relaunched as Oxford Reference, the new home of Oxford’s quality reference publishing. Specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of reference users, Oxford Reference has a new design, a multitude of new, freely available material to aid discoverability and usability.

The new Oxford Reference allows users to:

  • Cross-search concise definitions to in-depth articles on topics from Art to Zoology
  • Add context and vocabulary to your research journey with over 300,000 free Overview pages, 275 Timelines, and a free online only Quotations title
  • Save your search journey, favourite books, and entries saving valuable time
  • Share contentwith options to create bookmarks in social networking sites, email, and citation export
  • Get facts and quotations delivered straight to their desktop with the ‘Did you Know?’ RSS feed

HUB Libaries offers his users the Oxford Reference Premium subscription.



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